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The person behind Koepsell Career Counseling,  LLC

My name is Laura Koepsell, and I am a professional career counselor based in the Washington, DC area with 6 years of career counseling under my belt. I founded Koepsell Career Counseling, LLC in 2018 after moving to Washington, DC. With my gregarious personality, extensive network in multiple industries, and relentless perseverance, I am the best person to kickstart your career.


Why do I stand out from other career counselors? I am an expert in empowering my clients to achieve their ultimate career goals. Through support and providing manageable action steps, you can create a clear vision and get the tools needed to achieve it.


I specialize in clients that:

► Feel anxious and overwhelmed by the job search process

► Have no idea what they want to do with their life

► Want to change industries

► Want to learn how to grow within their current career


Sound like you? Contact me today for a free 30-min career consultation!

Laura Koepsell, M.Ed., GCDF, CCC
Career Counselor

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If you are interested in one of the offered services or have further questions, contact Laura here to set up your free 30-min career consultation:

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